More Cartography for The Ruins of Old Soguer

   Posted by: Adam A Thompson   in 4e, The Ruins of Soguer

So I’ve been bitten by the cartography bug again.  Honestly it’s one of the things I most enjoy about game design – making maps.  And these are both big maps of something that I particularly enjoy drafting: cities – one prosperous, one in ruins.

the town Aguies, where the adventure begins

These maps will be featured in the upcoming adventure The Ruins of Old Soguer , an exploration-oriented 4e D&D adventure for 10th level characters.  Over the course of the adventure heroes will search the ruins of a destroyed city in search of the last king’s sword, and by strange paths relive the cataclysm that brought doom to the mighty city of Soguer.

the demon-haunted ruins of the once-great Soguer

Stay tuned for more maps for the adventure coming soon, as well as preview art for our upcoming board game Vampyre Women of Venus.

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